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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

change is the constant

5 years, 3 months. The approximate age of my firstborn child. November 2009 marks the official end of an era in my household, and the beginning of a new one. A month of bidding farewell to our beloved nanny who became a member of our family, as well as my awesome work team who have become my friends over the last five years -- plus, the first week of my youngest starting preschool (gulp!) After over five years with eBay (capped off with a few rounds of leaving drinks @Lazslo's in the Mission), I've joined a new platform service provider start-up in San Francisco. Mashery powers APIs for e-commerce, business services and media companies, and I am looking forward to meeting with many of them at the Business of APIs Conference in New York next week.

This week so far has been about meeting with members of the Mashery team (less than 30), settling into my new space at Maiden Lane and Kearny, and acclimating to my shorter commute (my new favorite benefit so far). I've already bumped into 2 people I know on Muni in just 2 days of commuting -- you sure don't get to connect like that in a car! Start-up life is also different. IT Support, changing the water cooler bottle, and clearing out the fragrant fridge are now team-building opportunities.

To coincide with my season of change, I've decided to experiment with busting out of stealth twitter mode, and dip my toe into the public stream since my first attempt in 2007. Resolving the tension between what I want optimized for natural search and dealing with twitter request spam is elusive, but I'm always open to experimenting. Change -- let's give it a try!

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