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Thursday, November 01, 2007

duncan edward jones

welcome to the latest addition to our clan - duncan edward jones. he was born on his due date (right on deadline), 29th october 2007, at 8.45am. stats: 8lbs 1oz. 22 inches. 36 cm head. (translation for those who don't collect baby stats: above avg size. tall. big noggin.)

blythe has decided to call her baby brother "baby punkin", which not only rhymes with duncan but she feels adds a seasonal flair, since we all left the hospital on halloween). she's pretty cute with him.

daddy and mommy are both well. this peanut arrived in 3 hours (versus 21 hours), so it's difficult to say who was more on edge when we burst into the admitting room 50 minutes before we gave birth -- the one with contractions or the one driving the one with contractions, racing down divisadero and up california to cpmc at 7.45 in the morning.

dramatic entry, mister jones. we love you.

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