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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cool eBay photocasting tool - FilmLoop

Fl_headerlogo FilmLoop works with eBay Web Services to display gallery images of live listings selling on eBay in a running photocast, or "loop". These images also link back to the live listing on eBay, driving buyers to purchase items from eBay sellers. And eBay buyers can keep an eye on new listings of items they are interesting in purchasing by clicking "Watch this on your desktop".

For example, I've been shopping lately for the handbag for my mom to replace the one she lost on her vacation. I searched for a while, but I ran out of time and figured "I'll just know the right one when I see it." Enter FilmLoop. I entered a search for "coach bags", and voila - out came a ton of possibilities. Plus, this loop below is sitting right on my desktop, so when my eye catches the right bag for mom, all I have to do is click on the bag I want, and it will bring me right to the listing on eBay. (You can see now why eBay sellers love this tool, too!) :-)

You can also customize your loop to search across all of eBay or just in specific categories based on keyword.

And check out the loop that Alice from FilmLoop sent me when she was describing what a fantastic time she had meeting folks from the eBay Community at eBay Live! (eBaby belly art - wow) Sometimes, a thousand words don''t even come close.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

beta release for eBay Web Services developer, TheFind

Thefind_logo_hresDeveloper FatLens has been working with eBay Web Services on event tickets search over the past year. Now, Siva Kumar tells me now they are getting ready over the next couple of months to rollout the same search technology across all shopping categories in a new site called TheFind.com.

Sign-up for notification of their beta release for a search engine specializing in finding products shoppers want to buy online.

Monday, July 17, 2006

eBay Web Services developer hits a home run

If you're from San Francisco, it is next to impossible to be neutral about Barry Bonds. eBay Web Services developer Mpire is getting into the action by powering the landing page featuring his historic 715th home run ball that will be sold on eBay.

Love him or hate him, there is quite a bit of controversy swirling around this ball and the breaking of Babe Ruth's record - should be a fun one to watch!

You can track how much it will sell for and watch the short video clip on the very funny and entertaining re-enactment of how Andrew Morbotzer caught the ball. If you like the video, digg it.