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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UnWired Buyer powers eBay Phone Alerts


Based in Austin, Texas, eBay Web Services developer UnWired Buyer is behind the launch of eBay Phone Alerts, which recently rolled out across all categories on eBay.com. Thousands of eBay shoppers have signed up since the services started rolling out in mid-July.

As announced at eBay Live! in June, Phone Alerts will call you with updates about all items on your watch list - or that you are currently bidding on - when the auctions for these items will be ending in the next three minutes. You can get the current price of the item. You can check the status of an existing bid. Best of all, you can actually bid from your phone if you need to, using the phone’s keypad.

After you register for the service, this screen is where you'll update your phone alerts. Phone Alerts are currently free for eBay shoppers. eBay sellers also benefit when bidding is more convenient.

I personally used this service recently on an auction where I ended up being the high bidder on a replacement high chair for my daughter. I got my alert in the car coming home from Sunday night dinner. If you've ever missed out on an eBay item you've been bidding on because you were away from your computer - you are going to LOVE Phone Alerts!