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Monday, January 02, 2012

East Coast vs West Coast

This anecdote from Mark Suster's Right side of the Haimish line blog clearly lays out the social interaction differences between east coast and west coast.
"You know, I should have told the story that I learned in college. I went to UCSD and lived in Del Mar, one of the more affluent parts of the country but also full of college students.

You could eat in a dive Mexican restaurant, sit next to a guy wearing ripped shorts & a Hawaiian shirt and drink beers together all night. He'd leave before somebody told you he was a millionaire and owned a huge mansion in Rancho Santa Fe.

I'd contrast that with many people I know who went to Harvard Business School who find a way to weave the fact that they're HBS alum into the first 5 sentences after meeting people. Not to pick on HBS (a fine establishment where many of my friends went), but you do meet people who quickly have to establish their pecking order with you.

I prefer the Del Mar attitude."
Mark Suster is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. If you don't read his blog, start in 2012. He speaks plainly, writes well and is a great observer and listener. This combination is not as common as you might think

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