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Monday, September 17, 2007

just back from UK

wiltshire family wedding, devon cream teas, paignton zoo, walkers salt & vinegar crisps ... these are a few of my favorite things.

and next time we go, we can be in paris in less than 2 hours. waterloo, eat your heart out.

A Eurostar train completed the journey between Paris and London in barely two hours on September 4th. Travelling at 186mph on Britain’s first high-speed track, which runs for 68 miles from the mouth of the Channel Tunnel in Kent, the train arrived at London’s restored St Pancras station, carrying journalists and rail executives. The exact journey time was two hours, three minutes and 39 seconds. The new line, which shaves at least 20 minutes off the current journey between Paris and Waterloo station (two hours and 35 minutes), opens officially on November 14th.

bay area officially recovered from 2000 dot bomb?

The Economist City briefing for San Francisco reports that residents of San Jose and San Francisco are the richest in America, according to new figures from the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. In a measure of median household incomes in large American cities in 2006, San Jose, the seat of Silicon Valley, topped the list; its 1m residents had a median household income of $74,000. San Franciscan households came second, boasting a median income of $65,000. San Jose's leaders are crowing that this means the city’s economy has recovered from the dotcom collapse of 2000. Some claim further that the numbers show the recovery trickling down to working- and middle-class families.

They also had a fantastic write-up last week about Google, giving it historical context within the rise of the banking industry & privacy concerns over popular comparisons with technology competitors like Microsoft.

(sigh.) i [heart] The Economist.

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