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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

so long, 8 mile

About a month ago, Alan Lewis shared some of the charms of his hometown, San Jose, with visitors in town for our eBay Developers Conference. Apparently he's not alone. According to new US Census figures, the de facto capital of Silicon Valley is now the tenth-largest city in the United States. With a listed 904,522 residents, San Jose overtook the once-bustling Detroit.

Take that, Slim Shady. Uh.

San Francisco is in 14th place, with 744,230 residents. But it's still where I leave my heart.

Monday, July 25, 2005

live community events: real-time or asynchronous?

i participated in a strange hybrid online gathering today: it was a real-time interview (think event chat) hosted on an asynchronous application (think message boards). so, all participants had to manually refresh their browser every time they wanted to view new conversation, and no one could tell how many people were in the audience attending the event. there will be a transcript of the event afterwards, which generally generates at least 10X the traffic of the original event.

my experience today reminded me of one of the more intricate event chats i helped to choreograph and moderate: it involved a moderated interface where moderators could approve incoming questions before publishing to the audience, a guest, a guest typist, 2 moderators and 200+ attendees. our team pre-prepared some seed questions and a list of "Fun Facts" to fill any left over dead time - it was a rush to moderate and fun to attend! you really got a sense of attending a live event with a crowd of people.

it made me think of the benefits/drawbacks of IRC applications in general. imho, the benefits of attending a live event with real-time software seem to outweigh the drawbacks of a losing people in a download/potential browser incompatibilities/security issues. There are many scalable, stable real-time event chat applications, such as volano, that don't require a user download and have been around for almost a decade.

i've tried live online events both ways now, and i definitely advocate for the real-time experience!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

open source wiki

Found this open source wiki, swik, after looking at this cNet article.

Type in 'ebay' to see a listing of some of the open source projects available on our eBay Community Codebase. Pretty neat.

Friday, July 01, 2005

no she di-int!

honey, did i really say that? pretty funny.

off to beautiful santa barbara for some R&R. Signing off from Leadbetters beach in SB, home of Shoreline Cafe and the $7.25 margarita on the rocks (with salt!) while sitting on a table in the sand.

Summer is officially here.