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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Greg Matters


"...our goal was to identify people whose ideas, products, and business insights are changing the world we live in today - those who are reshaping our future by inventing important new technologies, exploiting emerging opportunities, or throwing their weight around in ways that are sure to make everyone else take notice.

In assembling this list, we emphasized one key question: What have you done for us lately? We also considered its important corollary: What will you do for us tomorrow?"

- Business 2.0, on how they selected their 50 People who matter.

If you're looking for Greg, he's #31 on the list with other names, such as Bill, Rupert and Oprah. Or possibly on stage making it all look effortless...

Because he's a great person on top of being someone who matters, Greg's not the type to boast or brag. Go to his blog and congratulate him anyway in his comments - he deserves it.

Way to go, fearless leader! :)


Blogger Pradeep said...

Also, interesting thing is Kevin Ros (Digg.com) and David H Heinsson (Ruby on Rails) are on 23rd & 34th position. I wouldn't have predicted that 1 year back.

11:00 AM

Blogger delyn simons said...

your words are familiar to me...


11:13 AM


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