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Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Come on, Eng-erland"

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Where should you watch the World Cup in San Francisco? If you're an anglo-phile, a Brit ex-pat or just married to one, there's no better place to get into the game than Mad Dog's in the Lower Haight. World Cup quadrennial excitement turns palpable here. For example? Watched a v. fun match on Thursday, England v. Trinidad & Tobago. Fans watching the game were friendly and weren't shy about a 9AM pint. (afterall the sun is shining after 12noon somewhere in the commonwealth)

Most of the excitement was saved up for when Rooney #9 was subbed in late in the second half. (He had an injury that made him questionable for the game). After he came on (along with Lennon), the England offense came alive and went up 2-nil in short order. He may not look like Becks or wee Michael Owen (cute, cute, cute), but he sure knows how to get the crowd involved.

T&T are the smallest country (pop. 1.1 Mil) ever to qualify for the World Cup. They made the most of their shots on goal and were fun to watch. Except for Yorke and the water bottle down the pants action. What was up with that?

Lively Mad Dog crowd went back and forth between the "Come on, England" and "Rooooooney" chants. If they win their pool on Tuesday v. Sweden, they won't have to play Germany in the second round. Group B has been very kind so far.


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