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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Power of Three in Vegas

I spent the last 4 days straight blogging with Laurel and Curtis, so check out the Developers Program blog for in depth coverage of DevCon 2006 in Vegas, including with photos and streaming audio interviews of our Star Developer Award winners.

Social media played a big part in DevCon coverage this year, including

With apologies to Julie Andrews, here are just a few of my favorite DevCon things...

Friday night: arriving in 106 degree weather, fun cab with Laura to Mandalay Bay, orientation, meeting developers at House of Blues, learning the proper pronunciation of "Texas"

Saturday: impressive Cirque du Soleil-style keynote opening, lego lunch, Web 2.0 Community panel, RatPack crooners, recording interviews with Star Developers, AC in Press Room makes it 40 below, Lotus of Siam team dinner (the wait was worth it, Adam)

Sunday: blogging through more sub-zero temperatures in press room, Christoph's mceAuction demo, Scott Cook, Foundation Room patio, Red Square, shattering my 24/7 image of Vegas at 11:03 PM when all eateries with edible food apparently shut down

Monday: Unconference!, makeshift press room on the floor (where it's warm), Mandalay Bay pool, waiting in McLaren airport for 3 hours for my flight to show up, hugging David and Blythe when I get home.

Most of all, it's about getting to re-connect with developers we work with all year. Sure was fun - don't wait another year. And subscribe to the DevProgram blog already, wouldja?


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