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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

bug day at the randall museum

Last Saturday, we went and checked out Bug Day here in SF. If you have kids in San Francisco, you need to check out the Randall Musuem. It is an absolute treasure for city parents, with a petting area for animals, an exhibit on the 1906 earthquake for kids, and is entirely run volunteers and the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. I don't know what quirk of urban planning fate put a kids museum under the hospices of SF Parks & Rec, but it works.

Bug day was a lot of fun booths for kids, including pipe cleaner bug antennae hats, a bee keeper working with a live colony of honey bees, a composting exhibit (can't even type the "m" word, ewwwwww). We even marched in the bug parade, with a queen bee and an ant playing the sax to the tune of "the ants go marching".

blythe loved it.


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