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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The DevCon Unconference - in Vegas, baby!

I'm excited about this year's Developers Conference, June 10-12 in Las Vegas. My favorite part of every developer event is getting to reconnect with familiar faces and meeting new ones. Such a cool group.

This year, we're trying something new at DevCon - a half day Unconference, where conference intersects with community. Following two days of traditional keynotes, labs and breakout sessions at the eBay Developers Conference in Las Vegas, Monday morning will be about about dialogue over presentation, whiteboard over slide deck, couch over podium.

From now until the opening of the Developers Conference on Saturday, June 10th, developers can use the Conference wiki to propose and vote on Unconference Community Sessions. The Top 18 most popular topics by the end of lunchtime on Sunday, June 11, will be scheduled for Monday morning. The rest of the morning will be filled with sessions (discussions, 1:1 Meetings) led by eBay, PayPal, and Skype team members.

Check out the current structure of the Unconference agenda - to be filled in with sessions and voted on by you, in the wiki and then at the conference.

If you haven't signed up yet, take a look at the complete agenda for all three days and register today. See you in Vegas!

If you comment on my blog with a link back to your helpful contribution on the Conference wiki, I'll hook you up with a sweet discount on registration, so you can be a part of our first ever Unconference. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty cool. I'm going to email you for my discount.

10:30 AM


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