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Saturday, March 04, 2006

what's new in the eBay Community Codebase?

a few very cool open source eBay developer and buyer tools, that's what.
  1. project gdebaywatcher: Google engineer larrygadea1 (Larry Gadea) worked with technical evangelist Alan Lewis to open source the eBay Watcher plugin for Google Desktop and contribute it to the codebase. Developers can play around with the code from our first open source tool available for widespread distribution to eBay buyers, via Rate Limiting by eBay User ID
  2. project ebatns: German developer intradesysdev001 (Carsten Harnisch) worked with Alex Schwinn and Bjoern Behrendt from eBay.de Developers Program to release the updated, unified schema compliant version of the eBay Accelerator Toolkit for PHP, for PHP4 or PHP5 - a developer tool for PHP developers building applications using eBay Web Services
  3. project apireferencedocs: check out version 2.0 of the suite of tools that produces one of our developer favorites - the Input/Output reference documentation. John Darrow of our API Docs team collected input from developers from the Developer Forums for this version


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