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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

open source projects and the cool developers behind them

i've had the pleasure of getting to interview some interesting developers as part of my Codebase Spotlight beat lately, working with AJAX, PHP, XUI, Java and Perl between them.

Luan O'Carroll, CEO and project owner of the XUI-eBay rich-client, a Java and XML framework for rapid development of eBay applications using the XUI platform.

Thomas Deliduka, CTO and project owner of AJAXCategories, a simple set of code programmed in PHP that pulls eBay category-cached data from a MySQL database and will display it using AJAX.

Igor Chudov, developer and project owner of Net::eBay Perl Module, a tool for any Perl developer working with eBay Web Services - make an instance of Net::eBay and then call submitRequest to send requests to eBay.


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