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Friday, June 23, 2006

Digg v3 Party

Originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

jay and kevin know how to throw a launch party. alan and i were among the crowd on Thursday night in the appropriately hip SF skid row bar that hosted the event, where we got a preview of the v. cool Digg v3, including impressive design elements from Stamen Design. Look out 'cause Digg is not just about tech news anymore.

Digg is launching Digg v3 on Monday - and they have a developer API coming out this summer...

btw. Kevin is #23 of who matters while apparently slashdot doesn't matter. guess the diggvdot game is already outdated in less than a year. reports of slashdot's demise may be slightly exaggerated, but these are words I would not have predicted a year ago.


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