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Thursday, November 02, 2006

halloween for SF kids

we have been on a grand tour of halloween fun for the toddler set in san francisco. mommy and daughter have been under the weather lately, so these have all been abbreviated stops = get in and get out quickly.

those of you locally probably know of our neighborhood's famous halloween in the castro celebration. but after we had blythe, we knew we had to strike out in search of different fare. all events will be evaluated on the scientific pumpkin rating scale, with 1 pumpkin being "i dressed up in a costume for this?!" to a 5 pumpkin rating being Half Moon Pumpkin Huge Fun.

A week ago Saturday was the noe valley harvest festival: craft booths lined 24th street with a kickin' funk band, and costume contests for kids and, of course in noe valley, dogs. 4 pumpkins.

Then, a week ago Sunday was the goblin jamboree at the childrens discovery museum in sausalito. $12 per person (that's $36 for a family of free) and the place was crazed. too busy, but cool train ride and pony rides. 2.5 pumpkins.

Finally, this past Saturday we headed up to the randall museum halloween fest. scary face painting, pumpkin carving, day of the dead skull making - big on the crafts and the games. we missed the costume parade, but we had a good time, just like at bug day. i give it 3.5 pumpkins.

Halloween update: trick or treating is a great way to meet your neighbors. don't pile your kids in the minivan and ship them to the "cool" neighborhood. oh, but go early so you don't get caught in crossfire. just kidding. sort of.

and here's blythe in her costume at the goblin jamboree, that traveled out from the UK from uncle gary and auntie michelle in david's suitcase. have you ever seen a sweeter fairy?


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