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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

brummies are funniest

My proud brummy hubby pointed out this one from BBC News: researchers, commissioned by Paramount Comedy Channel, asked 4,000 people to listen to the same joke in 11 UK regional accents to discover which they found most amusing. (yes dear. jasper carrott IS the best.)

But then it went on. Apparently, the funniest accents belong to people - Brummies (Birmingham), Scousers (Liverpool) and Geordies (Newcastle) - who were deemed the least intelligent. (chuckle)

And did you know that the BBC accent (the Queen's English) is refered to as the Recevied Pronounciation? It was considered the least funny of all UK accents in the study. (tee hee)

I suppose it's quite American of me to be taken aback at how seriously Brits take their humor. Or that the funnier you are, the less intelligent you are perceived to be (?) Take a look at the list - fancy a flutter on what this says about class and society hanging on in modern day Britain?


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