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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


linda dyer passed away last week. lin and i worked together at two companies. she was the event chat queen. we were sharing an office when she learned she had breast cancer.

the last time I saw lin was in 2001, after she had finished her first round of chemo, before her second and then her third. i saw her waiting on the corner of 18th and Dolores for a light to change, and gave her a lift home. "cancer makes me cranky sometimes," she shared.

we lost touch. i would occasionally hear word about her through fundraisers, or about her poetry or her november birthday. jeffrey and carole stayed in contact, and lin would sometimes watch celeste. here she is, about 2 weeks before she died. cuddling with c in her hospice bed. (thanks for posting, j)


Anonymous Jeffrey McManus said...

Sure, I'm just happy I was able to take these before she moved on.

11:56 PM

Anonymous David Jones said...

I also new Lin from WellEngaged and Insero. A great Lady who fought the big C very well.


11:43 AM


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