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Monday, August 21, 2006

eBay: The OS for E-Commerce?

"I want to bring our infrastructure stack to the entire developer community such that they are no longer limited by having to buy and run their own infrastructure."

Eric Billingley, Senior Director of eBay Research Labs, recently sat down with the Wade Roush of the MIT Technology Review to discuss R&D at eBay and a plug-in architecture for third party developers.

Read the Technology Review article.


Blogger onlyebay said...

I found this article very insightful on the potential that EBAY has to monetize the vast quantity of data it owns by letting thid-parites focus on their own little niche markets. This is one area where EBAY is really just starting to spread its wings. The 'long tail' is massive because it affects every single category of EBAY listings. I think store listings in particular are key to this initiative - which is why I am slighly worried about store-owner reaction the past few weeks.

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