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Thursday, October 12, 2006

apex developer network @ Dreamforce

I had a great time at Salesforce.com's Dreamforce event the past few days. Alan, Adam and I learned more about the relaunched Apex API, heard from Maynard and Don Albert from Skype in the keynotes and hung with the ADN folks in their Developer Lounge. (I missed the swingin' party at the DNA Lounge afterwards due to being under the weather, but Adam and Alan reported back: good times).

One of the highlights was getting to see eBay API developer Infopia take home the Appy award for "Breakthrough Application of the Year" in the Tuesday afternoon ceremony. Read more about their "business mashup" utilizing Salesforce.com and eBay APIs.

Ralf from Infopia shared a little bit about the "Appy experience", including their photo with Marc Benioff and their trophy below: "As a matter of fact, this award is so coveted that the trophy, a dancing hula doll mounted on a trophy base, was stolen out of our booth at the end of the show today. We have an APB out to find her. :-)"

Congratulations, Infopia! Hope your trophy manages to hula her way back to Utah.

- Delyn

Infopia Dreamforce Appy 006


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