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Monday, October 30, 2006

buy my stuff & filmloop 2.0 tool

Take part in a friendly wager between work colleagues. Below, I am displaying the listings I have up for sale on eBay - buy my stuff!

To help move things along, I've enlisted the help of a photocasting tool from our developer community, FilmLoop. They've recently come out with their 2.0 download, which is way slick. And it even now comes with an eBay version, Loop Gallery eBay, that's safe to post on your listings and shows cools stuff like # of bids, time left in auction, etc.

You can use it to photocast pictures on your eBay listings page, MySpace, Facebook, your blog - you get the picture. (ahem.)


Blogger Jeffrey McManus said...

This seems to exhibit odd behavior on Firefox 2.0/Mac -- takes about 25 seconds to load and then sort of jumps around instead of scrolling smoothly.

7:47 PM

Blogger delyn simons said...

good to know - I'll have a look on David's mac. thanks!

7:53 AM


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