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Sunday, December 17, 2006

How open is Web 2.0 for developer participation?

Bill Gates recently hosted a private meeting with influential bloggers up in Redmond, where he shared some of his thoughts on the future of Web services and Web apps.

In response to a question from Liz at GigaOM about which MS applications will run inside the browser versus outside,
“the distinction would come to be silly from a technical standpoint, but the necessary movement toward web APIs does present challenges on the business side. One of the things that’s actually held the industry back on this is, if you have an advertising business model, then you don’t want to expose your capabilities as a web service, because somebody would use that web service without plastering your ad up next to the thing.”
Food for thought, considering the revenue model for many Web 2.0/social media companies is advertising, yet relatively few have opened up their platform substantially for commercial purposes.

Posts from other bloggers who were deemed "“leaders in various aspects of the web community”:


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