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Monday, September 12, 2005

get real, girl

as a mommy who grew up in the 70's, i was part of this common debate between mothers and daughters of my generation:

daughter: "mom, can i have a barbie for my birthday?"

mom: "sorry, honey. i think playing with barbies send the wrong message to young girls about self-worth and body image."

daughter: "but, mom! suzi and katie and jill all get to have one. please?"

mom: "sorry, honey. did you finish your math homework?"

now, I am the mom, and belong to a mommy mailing list of mothers who think, where alternatives to barbie dolls became a heated debate last week.

The solution? eBay, of course. in 1999 and 2000, Mattel made a limited edition of Get Real Girls, who were created more in proportion to human girls, and who play soccer, basketball, snowboard and surf. Mattel stopped producing them, but there are dozens of sellers on eBay who bought out the inventory and are selling Get Real Girls still in the package. Perfect for desperate moms looking for a doll for their daughter!

they are in the Dolls > Other Contemporary 1973-Now category.

what if nothing were ever lost? what if you never had to have the "barbie" conversation with your daughter?


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