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Thursday, June 23, 2005

eBay Live! #1

ok, well, it's really #4 - but it's new to me! Transitioning from eBay Developers Conference to eBay Live! The crowds are quite different. Feather boas, eBay tattoos and twirly hats have replaced the staid polo-and-khaki set. It's a bit like a Bay-to-Breakers atmosphere, except everyone is in a convention hall and everyone has their clothes on.

Mostly, I've enjoyed talking to all the different entrepreneurs, whether they are recent retirees or moms who started their own business to be at home more or the biggest coin seller in Singapore. If you ever want to feel better about the human condition and are looking folks who believe in opportunity, eBay Live! is the place. More booth duty and helping sellers find the right solutions for their eBay businesses over the next two days.


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