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Thursday, June 19, 2008

highlights from ebay devcon in chicago

Boy I'm pooped. Ever since I returned from maternity leave back in March, I've been working non-stop on a little developer event we call the eBay Developers Conference in Chicago, from June 16-18. If you are friends or family who haven't heard from me in 3 months, here's why. :)

On Monday, the major buzz for the show and the blogosphere was around Project Echo and the opening keynote demo showcasing the ability for developers to embed their applications built on the eBay platform where hundreds of thousands of sellers manage their businesses on eBay.com. On Tuesday, Mike Shaver, Chief Evangelist for Mozilla spoke to developers on the same day that Firefox 3.0 browser launched, celebrating Download Day 2008 right here at eBay DevCon and giving a shoutout to the Firefox Companion for eBay. woot woot!Mike Shaver, Chief Evangelist for Mozilla

eBay also honored ten members of our developer community, who are building applications on the eBay platform for achievements in improving user experience and customer service, increasing platform engagement and extending eBay in exciting new directions:

eBay Star Developer Award winners:

• DSR Rockstar: ShipRush by Z-Firm (USA)
• Most Innovative Application: Jaast for Wii by Scendix Software (Germany)
• Early Adopter: iRibbit by Aduci (USA)
• Service to the Developer Community: Joe Fox (elzorro) of BD Network (UK)
• Best Design: Kyozou Widget by Kyozou (Canada)


• DSR Rockstar: ezSupport for eBay by HostedSupport (USA)
• Most Innovative Application: Mobile Alerts for Sellers by ahTXT (USA)
• Early Adopter: GarageBuy by iwascoding (Germany)
• Service to the Developer Community: Anthony Sukow of Terapeak (Canada)
• Best Design: Video advertisements for eBay listings by Vzaar (UK)

For those of you keeping count, we've got winners represented across 4 countries from our global e-commerce platform. Congratulations to our 2008 winners!!

For full coverage of all the news out of eBay Developers Conference 2008, you can check out the eBay Developer blog.

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