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Monday, February 11, 2008

working parents tip #4: keeping your sense of humor

working parents need to maintain their sense of humor so they will root for each other, stay sane and not kill each other or the kids. here are some of my favorites.

books: Baby's First Tattoo memory book and Baby, Mix me a Drink be of use guide

clothing & gifts: Wry Baby: i'm partial to the Wheel of Responsibility - " Have Fun! Stay Un-Divorced!"

music: Rockabye Baby!: lullaby renditions of Metallica, Coldplay, Radiohead and more.

youtube overture of motherhood phrases you never thought you'd say, but do:

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Blogger Alix said...

Love this clip!! Who is this amazing performer? Brilliant. I especially like the use of the William Tell Overture. The frenzy it creates... just like getting ready for school.

Not sure which I like better - the clip, or the fact the blog was posted at 4:43 am. Classic.

12:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Under books, Three Martini Playdate is a favorite of mine!

4:57 PM

Blogger david said...

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3:42 AM


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