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Sunday, October 28, 2007

stella surprise? fun with doggie dna

after reading about penny's surprising test results on leslie's blog, i am so getting this done for stella. after all if dna testing can prove that barack obama and dick cheney are related, i'm certain i can turn up something fun on our pup.

any bets?

we adopted our pup from the marin spca 4 years ago when she was 8 weeks old. they found her feral mommy, in a cave on a marin county beach, feeding a litter of pups. her mom was determined to be a 35-lb "cattledog mix" - stella is up to 60 lbs with lots of energy to spare after a 2 hour doggie playgroup session and was the alpha dog of her litter (more on that in a different blog post). so daddy must have been a big boy.

and that's all we know about the "breeding" that went in to our lovable mutt, stella artois mccartney jones. so far.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my friend who sends me to leadership meetings : )

How did the doggie dna test go?

I will make my guess:

Jack Russell or Fox Terrier
Cattle Dog - because you told me so
Lab - just because everyone's part lab, even us

-- leslie : )

9:37 PM


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