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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top Ten from eBay DevCon in Boston

We were so busy blogging, photosharing and video clipping at eBay DevCon on the Developer blog, this is my first chance to write anything on my own blog!

Got to touch base with all the familiar faces and voices I talk to during the year, plus meet some new ones, like GetItNext, AuctionAds, AuctionBlox, Silk Systems, San Luis Computer Services and more.

Here are some of the photos and blog posts from attendees of the event if you want to get the word on the street. Here's my unofficial take on

Top Ten from eBay DevCon in Boston:

10) Fast, free wireless internet access at the new BCEC
9) Power strips in session rooms! Save your battery power
8) Extreme Jenga Towers and old skool video games
7) Unveiling of Shopping API
6) Shoulda saved $150 and gotten PayPal certified
5) Kicked off eBay Widget contest
4) Kevin Lynch's live keynote demo of Adobe AIR (formerly Apollo) on the day they entered beta
3) Rolf's Web 2.0 session and Jeremy's SEO session
2) PayPal Party - Beer + Blue Man Group + Bowling.
1) Never knowing for sure whether the 90-year old Cliff Claven impersonator was actually drunk up stage for the Star Developer Awards

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Blogger ginmarketing said...


Thanks for the mention and the laugh. Love the Cliffy pick, brings me right back to the train wreck.


3:33 PM

Blogger ron.stewart said...

Hi Delyn,

It was great to meet you in Boston too - the gang from www.getitnext.com

3:35 PM

Anonymous delyn said...

i was laughing so hard during the award ceremony, i was having problems breathing. good times.

5:04 PM

Blogger ginmarketing said...

Were you responsible for hiring Cliff and Norm? No matter, he was sooo bad it was great fun. I just felt bad for Max, trying to read his lines and stay focused with Cliff.


6:28 PM


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