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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

evans data developer relations conference

i spoke at the Evans Data Developer Relations conference last week, which is an event focused on companies and folks who run or are looking to start developer networks. I met all kinds of great people from other developer programs - Intel, Adobe, RIM, Citrix. I particularly enjoyed Chad's session on Yahoo! Hack Day, and how they pulled off such a kick-ass developer event. (thanks for including my quote, Chad!) I wasn't able to make it the second day, but I heard Jeffrey's Approver.com session was also very good and entertaining. He has posted his slides from his session, too, if you want to see them.

Since many folks came up and asked for a copy of my preso "Architect your platform for developer participation", here it is. Like I said in my session, my topic was architected for participation as well, so go ahead and share your comments if you were not among the folks who came up to see me after my talk. Developer community is a fun place!

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Anonymous Chad Dickerson said...

Glad you enjoyed it -- your quote was one of my favorites overall. From my mom's perspective, a mention on the local news is as good as it gets!

Enjoyed talking with you afterwards, too. Stay tuned for announcements about the next Hack Day. . .

10:16 PM

Blogger delyn simons said...

is it true that you and rob may have watched the same local news in the same small town in north carolina? too cool!

10:30 PM

Blogger Jeffrey said...

Bummed that we didn't speak on the same day so we could cross paths. Let's get together soon...

11:55 AM


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